The Problem With Literally Making Anything

My go-to at Starbucks is a Hot Chocolate and a slice of the Lemon Loaf. Try to beat it, you can’t.

So when I was in the grocery store the other day, I saw a Krusteaz mix for a lemon pound cake with icing.

Fan-friggin-tastic! The whole box was like $2.50, which I’m pretty sure is cheaper than the one slice I put on my credit card without even looking at the cost at Starbucks.

So I got it, and I made it, and it’s delicious* and I’ve eaten almost an entire loaf in three days. So what’s the problem?

Nothing, except this used to be a once-in-a-while treat, but now I’m on my second slice this morning and it’s still delicious but will it be a week from now? A month from now?

Being able to just make it whenever I want ruins the “treat” aspect of it.

Now, I can go in two directions with this: find a new treat and welcome the lemon loaf into my life regularly, or I can never buy the mix again, continue ignoring the price when I swipe my card, and enjoy the pleasure of eating that delicious pound cake alongside that delicious hot cocoa.

<takes another bite from the plate on my desk>

Yeah, I’m gonna go with the former. I’m sure there are a lot of things out there that would be just as good when I want to treat myself, and this is way too good and easy not to make regularly!

Counterpoint to this whole thing: Red Lobster Biscuits. Now you don’t have to go to Red Lobster any more!

*though, kinda dry, but I’ll work on that, I’m sure.


Ease Rating: Super Simple (I can do it with my eyes closed)

<Write up how to for making this out of the box>

Ok: making this was super easy. It’s no different that a brownie mix where you just add an egg, some oil, some water, and through it in a pan. In this case, I was caught off guard by how much butter it called for (10 Tbsp seems like a lot, right? It’s a lot, I think.)

The hardest part was finding the loaf pan in our kitchen, but even that wasn’t too difficult. Locate your utensils, follow the instructions, make sure the oven is actually on, and you won’t have any problems!



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