?Break-fast, Break-fast, Break-fast Burr-itos!?

We’ve got a problem with leftovers in our house: namely, they get lost in the back of the fridge never to be seen again (until they’re moldy and smelly and we’ve run out of containers to put new leftovers in). As we focus more on meal planning and we’re taking more time during The Weirdness to make dinners and lunches — and even breakfasts, which I’ve never cared about in the past — we’re getting better, but we still get to the end of the week and it’s like, “what do we do with 3 cups of corn, a quarter cup of fried potatoes, three strips of steak, and 6 letters of frozen alphabet-shaped potatoes?”

I mean, it was obvious, right?

So to make breakfast burritos, it’s all about the texture of the leftovers. And that means frying your potatoes so they’re nice and crispy before you do anything else. I did this in oil, then added butter so I could begin carmelizing the onion. Then, once the onion was good, I put in half a red pepper and began to cook the eggs in a different pan. So, in one pan, I had potatoes, onions, and red pepper, and the eggs and shredded cheddar cheese in the other. I found some corn salsa that seemed like it would be great here, but it was pretty tangy at this point, so we missed the boat on that (but hey, now we have one more to-go container for other leftovers!). Still, there was some leftover corn from earlier in the week, so that went into the veg fry pan, too.

For the steak, I microwaved it for about 30 seconds, enough that it wasn’t cold anymore but I didn’t want it to actually cook on its own. Once it was stuffed into a burrito with hot eggs, potatoes, et al, it would warm up just fine.

For the tortillas, we use store bought (I know — and sometimes, I do make my own, but we’re out of Maseca right now, and besides, this meal was about using up stuff we already had, not spending an hour on something tedious). Anyway, when they’re store bought, throw your tortillas on a plate, cover them with a wet paper towel, and toss them in the microwave for thirty seconds. Until I can afford one of those giant industrial size tortilla warmers like they have at Chipotle, this is the best way I’ve found to soften them up for dressing.

Add salsa and sour cream, if you’re into that sort of thing, et voila. Breakfast burritos that will leave your kitchen smelling fantastic hours later!


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