Q But No A: Leftovers

Hey, how do you keep track of leftovers in your refrigerator? I mentioned in the breakfast burrito post that we often have issues with losing leftovers in the fridge and not finding them again until they need to be thrown out. Other than just, ya know, paying better attention to our lives, anyone have a good system they like to keep track of what’s available that’s already made?

Some thoughts I’ve had:

  • List everything as it goes in on a dry erase board (I’d probably give up after about 2 days)
  • Write on the ziplock bag what it is and when it’s from (still doesn’t help if I can’t see the bag in the back of the shelf)
  • Do a better job including leftover nights into our meal plan (but how?!)

Have you somehow figured out an answer to this issue? Let me know below!

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